Are you ready for some serious pampering?

Let's face it, life can be stressful, so every so often it is nice to be able to totally relax and enjoy yourself. There are many options for some good R and R, but spending the day at a Spa has to be one of the best choices, for being completely pampered and made to feel special.

A Spa offers many different options for you to enjoy. Probably the most common and popular is a massage, which has been around for thousands of years and has numerous health benefits. There are a number of different massage options for you to choose from. While the two most common are the Swedish massage, which is generally a full body massage, though not too hard, while the deep tissue massage is much firmer and can address areas of muscle that are particularly tight. This is not an exclusive list though. Whether you prefer a Private In Home Massage or one at your local spa, there are various massage options available, especially if you want something unique and specific to your needs. …continue reading →

How can you care for your garden all year round?

Apparently, Brits are letting their competitive side get the better of them when it comes to gardening. In 2015, it was revealed that 51% of Brits had a peek over the fence into the neighbour's garden to see if it looked better or worse than their own. And the outdoor envy didn't end there - out of those surveyed, 24% admitted that they'd given their neighbour bad gardening advice to prevent back yard competition!…continue reading →

My top 3

Okay so off the back of all my recent research, there are three places that really stand out to me, that I REALLY want to try to get to before I eventually head home. I should point out that obviously, I have not included Rome in this list! Rome is…Continue reading...

So where should I go next?!

So that has all been a whirlwind! I am really having to take a few days out and just chill in the hotel to take in everything I have seen. I am keeping a personal notebook of all the cool History things I have seen so far, and its going…Continue reading...

Japan Never Sleeps

Making friends I completely forgot to tell you how I got to know the girls! So we met whilst I was still in India. Parts of India are overwhelming, and I was really happy to meet two girls, who were experiencing a similar feeling to me. We got talking in…Continue reading...

Go Go Go Goa!

I found some other tourists! Yes Goa is a backpacker and holiday maker haven. There are plenty of people around to talk to and get to know their stories and the whole area feels very ‘tourist’ ready and caters to western desires. I even found a flushing toilet! Beach shacks…Continue reading...

When things go wrong

My advice: So now that I have a good few miles under my belt I really want to start thinking about what makes a good traveller. If course saving money is a top priority as is being eco friendly where possible. One of the things I have learnt most about…Continue reading...
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