My grandfather always used to tell me ‘everything happens for a reason’. I never used to believe him – I’m not one to believe in fate. But the last year of my life has really made me start questioning it!

I had a pretty awful time whilst travelling in Peru about 11 months ago and for a while it put me off the idea of going away forever. I just wanted to curl up in bed and rewatch old episodes of Friends.

But about 6 weeks after, I got a postcard from a friend in Egypt, and there was a picture of a real life “mummy” on the front. It instantly grabbed my imagination. I had always wanted to see the ancient pyramids, and I realised that I didn’t really want to hide away forever after all.

There was so much more to see in the world, and I wasn’t going to let one nasty experience stop me. Plus they took Friends off Netflix, so there were no more excuses.

I was born in Iceland and whilst tourists will always come and want to see the northern lights – I was a bit bored growing up. I always had the feeling I wanted to stretch my wings a little so my recent decision to leave my job and book a one way ticket isn’t a huge surprise to my family.

The things that interest me the most when travelling is learning more about the history of people. That’s why the Egyptian post card caught my attention, it’s definitely on a list of places I will be going. As is Rome. I love Rome – well I think I do, I haven’t been there yet. I remember learning about the Ancient Romans at school thinking it was all made up, like a myth, and I really embarrassed myself at a party when I was about 17 claiming it was all a fairy tale! After that though, when I realised I could go to these places – and see the history – it has been my number 1 destination. I think I will make that the last place I visit, before I settle down a little.

At times I can be really shy, that’s why I have decided to write on this blog. I want to share my stories of my travels. But sometimes I struggle to be heard – particularly when there’s big groups of people. Saying that though, I really like meeting new people and getting to know them. I am a very loyal friend. I like cats and am excellent at bowling. I have 2 sisters that I am really close to and I miss them lots and lots. I hope I can convince them to visit me in exotic destinations (hint hint Luce and Naomi!). I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!