Go Go Go Goa!

I found some other tourists!

Yes Goa is a backpacker and holiday maker haven. There are plenty of people around to talk to and get to know their stories and the whole area feels very ‘tourist’ ready and caters to western desires. I even found a flushing toilet!

Beach shacks

View of some of the beach shacks

So the beach that I am nearest has a lot of shacks along the promenade. These are small huts with deck chairs and hammocks, playing a variety of music and providing passers by with plenty of beer and coconuts! There are also a lot of dogs around (as everywhere in India) but lots of the dogs seemed to have been almost adopted by the shacks and it is safe to give them a little tickle behind the ear. Don’t worry I don’t usually touch the street dogs! But I do have all my jabs and travel insurance sorted regardless 😉

I have to admit as much as I loved the ocean on the other side of India, where is was nice and quiet, it is absolutely spectacular here at sundown. Since we are dead set on the equator, when it is time (around 6pm) the sun begins to set, and it is HUGE as it moves over the horizon of the sea. But the strangest thing is that is happens so quickly. I set my clock by it the other day and it took 20 minutes in total before total darkness. Absolutely magical.


Long and sticky walk up the hill to the waterfall

I have decided to not visit any museums or temples this time. I have instead decided to be a little bit more outdoorsy. I took a jeep ride to one of the most famous waterfalls in the area. It was a very hot and sweaty climb up the mountain but the rewards of a very cool pool (albeit fairly slippery rocks) was well worth the wait. And there was an elephant park nearby. I didn’t fancy taking an elephant ride, I am not sure if the elephants love them or hate them. But it was nice to watch the elephants playing in a near by river, particularly the baby ones. I was able to buy some bananas from a local lady to feed the elephants through the fence. It was a lovely feeling. Brought a huge smile to my face.