Visiting Cornwall

For many travelers, one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling in Europe is visiting Cornwall. Cornwall is a beautiful county on England’s rugged southwest coast. It forms an elongated peninsula surrounding hundreds of attractive sandy beaches and wild coastal moorland, culminating in the famous promontory Land’s End, a tourist attraction since the 13th Century. The Cornwall coast, often referred to as the Cornwall countryside, is lined with seaside resort towns like Falmouth and Fowey. These towns are popular for activities like kayaking, diving, sailing, and surfing, but tourists are also attracted by the countryside and historic buildings that line the counties’ coastline.

When you visit Cornwall, the first thing you will notice is that it is a rural area. While large cities like Cornwall, Cambridgeshire, and Avon enjoy a population of roughly seven million people, much of the coastline is unspoiled wilderness. This includes stretches of wooded, grassland, and rocky mountains. Because the county is so remote, there are few large towns within easy reach of the coastline, which provides visitors with the opportunity to get more out of seeing the area.

Traveling through Cornwall can be an educational experience. The geography of the area, which consist of three nations, and the wildlife and plants that live there, can provide a wealth of learning opportunities. Visiting Cornwall in September, or anytime else, is a great time to hike, bike, or drive along the coastline. Throughout October, however, the town of Bude -or Bude Strand, as it is officially called- becomes the national park headquarters. Thousands of people flock to the area every year, many for the famous seashore, and some for the spectacular natural beauty that encompasses the countryside. The seashore is one of Cornwall’s most popular tourist attractions and features a wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, towering cliffs, narrow sandstone roads, and rugged coastline.

While there are plenty of places to see while in Cornwall, it is best to explore the entire region when spending a day trip. Visiting Cornwall in September is one of the best times to explore the entire region, since the beaches are often packed with tourists during this busy summer months. Here are some useful tips for making the most out of your day trips to Cornwall:

When traveling through Cornwall, it is best to plan your itinerary beforehand. This will allow you to spend more time exploring the region and less time trying to find lodging. Day trips are a fun way to maximize your time in the county, especially if you plan to stay overnight in Cornwall or surrounding areas. Visiting specific villages can also be helpful when traveling through Cornwall. Many of the larger towns within the rural districts of Cornwall have a day trip or overnight facility available to visitors.

For example, Stonehouse was one of the largest towns in the county, but as the 20th century wore on, its importance as a thriving community started to decline. However, in the last decade, it has begun to experience a resurgence in tourism and commerce. One of the attractions of Stonehouse is its castle, which dates back to the time of the English civil war. Several tours of the entire castle are available, and visitors can stay overnight in the beautiful historic building. If you prefer, you can visit the nearby Torquay Country Park for a walking experience and view of the surrounding countryside. It is a perfect place for a peaceful vacation.