Hiking in Wales – Top Places to Hike in Wales

If you love hiking, you should try to hike in Wales. Hiking here is not limited to long distance hiking as there are many short hiking routes. The climate is temperate and there is an old world charm to this place. Hiking in Wales is undoubtedly a satisfying experience as you get to see the fantastic landscape, mountains, valleys and castles.

Hiking in Wales is now a popular pastime for people of all ages and fitness levels. Wales is a nation in southwest England known for its rugged, hilly coastline, beautiful national parks, scenic Welsh countryside and historic Celtic traditions. In the northwest, Snowdonia National Park features lovely lakes, rocky terrain, hiking tracks and an ancient ruined castle with an ornate, Gothic-influenced interior. In the southwest, Hales has rugged mountains, breathtaking coastal beaches and castles. There are numerous walking tracks in these regions, all easily accessible.

In general, hiking in Wales covers pretty much the same terrain as that found in Great Britain. The only difference is the climate in Wales is damp and wetter than that of the UK. This dampness is caused by seasonal rainfall and the result is uneven and sandy coastal paths, rivers and lakes. You can expect to encounter plenty of wild life on coastal walks and in the more remote national parks.

Hiking in Wales isn’t just a trip to take around the country. You can also go mountain biking, canoeing or take a boat tour. Mountain biking runs along the coastline from Snowdonia National Park through the Gwynedd area. It’s an excellent way to experience Wales’ countryside up close.

The highest mountain in Wales is Cheadle. The road to this mountain starts at Cemaes on the west coast and passes through Llangollen, Conwy, Angles, Amwlch, Conwy and Llandudno before descending to sea level at the end of the route. The views from here are stunning. The highest mountain in Wales is also known as Mount Snowdonia. It lies on the south west coast of Wales and is around seven miles long. This route is often used by walkers who like to see the mountain from the top.

Most of the coastal paths in Wales have routes based upon a points system. You start at one point and then go back. The best hikes are generally from town centers, though some be found farther inland. If you want to travel further afield, look for a coastal path that begins at Colwyn Bay and follows towards Angles, Towyn and Bangor. A much longer coastal path called Torfa Way goes from Colwyn Bay to the summit of Torfa Mountain where you can choose to stay overnight in a self catered luxury cottage or book a room in one of the many excellent hostels dotting the landscape.