Christmas Gift Ideas for the Drinker

A whisky to feel warm on the inside, a mulled wine during dinner or the classic American eggnog. Who doesn’t love a good drink during the Christmas holidays. You have probably also made plenty of fun stories to tell from when had a drink with friends or family. Those memories are something to reminisce over with these Christmas gift ideas. This list of Christmas gift ideas for the drinker will help you to create new stories with your drinking buddy, whether it’s your partner, father or friend.

  1. Portable Keg

A beer from the keg is simply more refreshing than from the bottle. Bring home the satisfaction of a freshly tapped beer with a portable keg. You already know who will be hosting the next holiday party.

  1. Personalized Beer Mugs

To compliment the portable beer keg or a great gift on its own. Personalize a set of beer glasses for a fun and practical gift. You can also go with a Christmas theme on the design. With the help of laser engraving (you can check out, you can get anything you want engraved on the mug for authentic personalization.

  1. Wine Basket

If you have a wine lover in your family, treat them to Christmas wine gifts. Find a Christmas basket filled with new wines for them to try. And don’t be shy to invite yourself to a tasting. Or better still, why not give them something that will last them an entire year? A wine subscription gift sounds like the perfect gift for someone who likes to indulge in a little bit of wine a day.

  1. Set of Wine Glasses

For the connoisseur, serving a wine from the appropriate glass will make all the difference. Form a set with a glass for red wine, white wine and champagne to complete their collection. Great for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties with paired wine. This way, when your loved one goes to pour their wine (perhaps purchased from a wine store Denver Metro way), they have the choice between many glasses. They will be able to cater to friends with ease!

  1. Professional Wine Opener

Being able to open a wine bottle smoothly is impressive. Let your wine lover step up their game with a professional wine opener. There are plenty of designs available that will match their personal aesthetic.

  1. Book on Whisky

The ingredients for a whisky can be counted on one hand but the varieties are endless. Educate the whisky drinker with a book on the origins of whisky and its many different brands.

  1. Wine Rack

The proper way of storing wine is slightly angled downward, not upright on a shelf in the pantry. Pick out a creative design that will also look pretty on display.

  1. Coasters

This a gift for the drinker that can also be used for the non-drinkers. Save them from the ugly rings on their table by gifting them a set of coasters. Get creative with the pattern or material to make them stand out.

  1. Liquor Cart

If you want to bring a big gift, shop for a liquor cart. Go with a classic wooden design like in the ones you’ve seen in black and white films or something sleek and modern to match their home interior.

  1. Personalized Ice Bucket

A practical gift that will look good on the table. Have an ice bucket engraved with a special message or their name. A welcome item even when the holiday season is over and the summer heat is strong.