3 Safety Measures To Take When Traveling Outside Of Cell Service

For some people, time spent traveling or on a vacation is best spent being as far away from other people as possible. Getting some solitude and real relaxation can be pretty hard to come by in the busy world we live in, and it’s something that many people crave when they’re able to take time off from their normal lives. However, while unplugging can be great for your mental well being, it can also be dangerous if you run into trouble. So to help ensure that you’re able to stay safe in all situations, here are three safety measures you should take when you’ll possibly be traveling outside of cell service.

Download Important Items Ahead Of Time

Whether you’re planning to be out of the country or just visiting some place remote, it’s smart to not rely too heavily on your phone’s Internet connection when you’re traveling. However, there might still be things that you need to have access to on your phone during your adventure, be it reservations, maps, and more. So when you’re in this type of situation, Brian X. Chen, a contributor to the New York Times, recommends that you download any important items straight to your phone. This will allow you to have access to them regardless of how spotty or nonexistent your Internet connection might be.

Bring Extra Chargers and Batteries

When your phone doesn’t have solid service, it can drain a lot of your battery trying to get access to service for your phone. Because of this, Caroline Costello, a contributor to the Huffington Post, advises that you always bring extra batteries with you when you’re traveling. You can now find really inexpensive reusable cell phone charging batteries that you can stock up on and have at the ready in the event that your phone’s about to die. Even if you don’t think you’ll be using your phone on a regular basis, it’s good to have it charged in case you run into an emergency.

You Can Still Get Help With No Service

For some people, it can be scary to be without cell phone service because of the thought of what you’d do if you need help in an emergency situation. Luckily, according to Jason Stevenson, a contributor to Backpacker.com, you can often still get a call out to 911 even if you don’t have service at the moment. So if you get in an accident in a remote place, still try to call 911 and see if your phone will ping off any nearby towers so you can get your location sent to emergency personnel even if you’re not actually able to speak to anyone.

If you’ll be traveling somewhere where cell service is sketchy, consider using the tips mentioned above to still use this service as a safety net in case of emergency.