4 Things Families Should Look for in a Serviced Apartment

You need to put a little more time into booking your serviced apartment when you’re travelling as a family. To make sure you select the right place, look for these four things.

  1. Cleanliness

Serviced apartments that prioritize the highest standards of cleanliness, can meticulously maintain both interior and exterior areas and ensure the property remains free from germs. Trusted companies like Stratus Building Solutions often play a significant role in achieving this level of hygiene — they can offer commercial cleaning services in Austin, TX, and similar services in other locations. This can ensure that everything, from balcony railings to bedsheets, pillowcases, and towels, is maintained in a hygienic condition, leaving no aspect overlooked. Your job is to find a serviced apartment that follows these practices.

  1. Good Outside Space

It doesn’t matter how great your serviced apartment is, younger kids are eventually going to want to go outside and burn some energy. Of course, you’ll be out seeing the sights during the day, but it’s always nice to go out in the evening so your kids can enjoy the night air and play around outdoors. Many serviced apartments don’t have any outdoor area, but you can still find ones that do easily enough when you book ahead.

  1. Full Kitchen

Nearly all serviced apartments will provide some kind of kitchen, but far too many cut corners by only providing the bare necessities. When you’re travelling as a family, you’ll want a full kitchen to ensure you can quickly whip up breakfast, put something together for lunch, and make evening meals instead of going out each night. Before you book, check the serviced apartment in question has a fully-fitted kitchen with all the appliances you’re used to.

  1. Nice Location

The location of your serviced apartment is always going to be important, but it becomes even more so when you’re travelling with younger children. They won’t be happy taking the bus or a taxi in and out of the city centre, and they’ll get tired out more easily if you have long walks to deal with. Look at exactly where you’ll be going, then find a serviced apartment that’s conveniently located.

  • Bonus Tip: Plenty of Entertainment
  • When you’re travelling with kids, you need to make sure they’ll be entertained when you get home from all the sights and attractions. Serviced apartments should be able to meet that need, but it’s always best to check. Things like a collection of board games or the latest games console can be most welcome.