Top Vacation Destinations To Escape The Winter Cold (U.S.)

Some parts of the Northern United States can get bitterly cold during the winter months.  Feet of snow and subfreezing temperatures are an excellent persuasive tool for escape. It’s okay to love the snow and colder breezes, but there’s nothing like the sun’s warm rays.  

Traveling in the wintertime is often more affordable, and the season also frees up additional accommodations which may not otherwise be available.  Check out this brief listing of some of the best vacation destination to escape the cold of winter.

Southern Georgia

Southern Georgia has plenty to offer travelers in the winter months.  Whether you’re driving through or flying in, Southern Georgia won’t leave you disappointed.  You may not want to drive if you’re planning to travel in the Atlanta area due to heavy traffic, but there are numerous alternatives for transportation in the city.  

The Golden Isles of the southeastern part of the state are beautiful all year round, and temperatures are always manageable.  You won’t find 98-degree weather in the dead of winter, but it won’t be freezing either. Spend a serene weekend wave-watching in the Golden Isles of Georgia, and you may never want to go home.  

The Florida Keys

Keep going south from Miami, and you’ll soon find the Florida Keys.  If you’re looking to escape the dreary, cold weather of winter, the Florida Keys won’t let you down.  Put your finger on the map to randomly choose which key you will visit, or go island hopping.

Either way, you’ll find a tropical haven.  Go diving and snorkeling. Check out coral reefs during the day, and experience amazing cuisine at night.  Check out Duval Street, if you find yourself landing on the most famed key of them all, Key West.  

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Area

The Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama area of the southern United States offers a special kind of beach trip for your winter weather escape.  The area is not yet overrun with tourism, so you’ll still find the prices to be reasonable in the area.

Texas shores have more to offer

Travel a little further west to experience the warmer climate of Texas.  The shores of Texas offer the perfect escape from the cold temperatures of the North, and the beach experience is unlike your typical sandy vacation.  

Birdwatchers can find haven in the nature of Galveston Island.  The island is a well-preserved haven for raccoons, rabbits, armadillos, and a range of migratory birds.  

Arizona temperatures are warm

Plan that trip to the Grand Canyon during the winter.  Arizona stays pretty warm year round, as the average temperature of the state is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  You won’t need heavy jackets on this trip.