The Best Beaches to Visit in Barbados 2017

Ahh… Barbados. The Caribbean’s easternmost island is just as famous for its picturesque beaches as it is for its laid-back culture and free-flowing rum cocktails. For such a small island, Barbados has a lot of beaches – 61 of them to be exact! It is no wonder that people are hopping online to so they can book their Barbados villa experience and enjoy those cocktails.

But which beaches stand out from the rest as being the BEST? With the help of travel experts, Travelbag, we discovered which beaches in Barbados you should make time to visit during your holiday in 2017.

Crane Beach

Good for: Water sports, sunbathing, picnics.

Perhaps the most famous beach in Barbados is Crane Beach. This beautiful section of coastline is blessed with powdery white sands which slope effortlessly into the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s the perfect place to go for a dip in the water! Being on the southeastern coast of the island means that this beach often has fun waves, which are great for water sports. However, if you plan to paddle with very young children, parental caution is advised.

The luxurious Crane Hotel overlooks the beach, and many of the sunloungers are reserved for guests of this establishment. However, there is a local vendor who will provide lounge chairs and umbrellas at a reasonable price. If you don’t fancy renting one of those – a towel will more than suffice for soaking up those rays!

Bottom Bay

Image credit: World Map

Good for: Sunbathing, walking, picnics.

Bottom Bay is famous for its pink-tinged sands and stunning high jagged cliffs. The soft sands make it perfect for soaking up the sunshine and having a picnic – however the seas here can be very rough, so we don’t recommend this one for swimming.

Located on the southeastern tip of the island, Bottom Bay is great for taking some lush Instagram snaps – no filter required – as well as embarking on a romantic stroll with your other half as the sun sets over the ocean. Bottom Bay is located just north of the famous Sam Lord’s Castle, a historic mansion that was destroyed by fire over a decade ago. If you fancy a break from the beach, you can go for a nice walk around the picturesque grounds and experience some of the finest scenery on the island.


Good for: Surfing, water sports, snorkeling, sunbathing, picnics.

Known as the surfing capital of Barbados, this popular beach is famous across the globe for its fantastic waves, mainly located within the Bathsheba Soup Bowl. Well, who wouldn’t want to have a dance duet of kite surfing with those tempting waves that are so apt for the sport? If you can find a surfing school nearby like Kitesurf Schule Portugal or the ones that can help you with learning the basics of the particular surfing sport, it can be a lifetime experience for you. Don’t surf? No problem! There’s loads to do here away from the surfboard, including lots of colourful coral to snorkel across and stretches of golden sands upon which to top up your tan.

Located on the east coast of the island, Bathsheba beach is next to the stunning Bathsheba park, where you can relax in the shade of the palm trees on the grass. Many people take lunch to the park for a picnic, but there are also a variety of eateries in the area, which serve local snacks that you can enjoy in this serene setting.

Mullins Bay Beach

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Good for: Paddling, jet-skiing, picnics, sunbathing.

Located on the west coast of the island, Mullins Bay beach is the perfect spot for chilling out in the sun during your holiday. Don’t let the beach’s location put you off, it features a spacious car park where you can park your hire car for the day, so it’s easy to reach from all over the island.

There are safely roped off areas where you and your family can take a dip in the clear turquoise waters, and the more adventurous members of your group can whizz off in a jet ski towards the deep blue sea.

Mullins Bay beach features a fantastic beach bar, which is a great place to grab a drink or a bite to eat before spending the day on the sands.

Bath Beach

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Good for: Families with young children, swimming, paddling, sunbathing, picnics.

The aptly named Bath Beach is a great spot for swimming and paddling in the clear blue waters. Unlike most others on the eastern coast of the island, it’s one of the safest beaches in Barbados – you’ll find minimal waves here with no undertow, so it’s an especially good choice for families with young children.

There’s ample parking here, so you’ll find it easy to reach if you’ve hired a car for your holiday. Many families choose to relax with a picnic on the sands, but if you haven’t managed to pack a lunch, don’t worry! There’s a small snackette here where you can purchase some small bites to satisfy your hunger.