Revitalizing Travel Destinations For The Addict In Recovery

The road to long-term addiction recovery is is just that; long term. Just as the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery require a person to take a journey into themselves, sometimes a tangible journey is beneficial as well.

Recovering addicts are some of the best people in the world at making excuses, and they will do it when it comes to the good things in life. It is common to tell themselves that they do not deserve, or are in some way not worthy of the gift of travel. They feel that vacation is something healthy people do or have earned, and that could not be farther from the truth.

Recovery is a journey. Do not be afraid to travel. Be smart. The restorative nature of traveling to an unknown place cannot easily be matched.

Whether a person follows a strict 12-step recovery method, or they have chosen to take a more alternative approach to recovery, there is always a spiritual benefit to travel. Take a moment to look over a few sober suggestions for a smart recovery vacation.

Tropix Hotel

The Dominican Republic plays host to this gorgeous tropical getaway. Find time to relax on the white sandy beaches of the coast, and catch a meeting just down the street from the hotel. Tropix Hotel has been a friend of the sober community for more than 30 years. If you’d like to see some amazing scenery and stay in a great resort (like casa de campo dominican republic), then you might enjoy visiting Minitas seaside known for its white-sand beaches.

The quaint hotel hosts the perfect setting for spur of the moment meetings and peaceful group retreats. Ten rooms surround the pool area, while the grounds offer a beautiful garden setting to compliment. The staff is extremely accommodating, and the natural scenery cannot be matched.

Meditation Lodge Retreat

Invest a piece of the soul into a sober retreat in the heart of Costa Blanca, Spain. The Meditation Lodge Retreat offers an intimate approach to a serene and balanced life. The property is surrounded by countryside and mountains and is only 15 minutes from El Campello. The retreat is safe, and the grounds are alcohol and drug-free.

The lodge holds daily meetings upon request, and the property employs several therapists, offering meditation and yoga services. Outdoor activities include mountain biking, sailing, and climbing. The lodge also offers a variety of holistic and beauty treatments for travelers daily.

Ocean Breeze Retreats

For the sober Caribbean experience, take a ticket to Akumal, Mexico and the Ocean Breeze Retreats. Imagine the progress that can be made towards recovery through the natural therapy of the ocean waves, a good book, and a gentle breeze.

This location is one centered around recovery. More than most other recovery-friendly locations, the Ocean Breeze Retreat offers a week-long, all-inclusive therapy-infused vacation spot. The property also offers a chance for helping professionals to rest as well. Counselors, medical professionals, teachers, and clergy are invited to rest their minds and spirits.