Things You Must See in Tagaytay Philippines

Tagaytay is a beautifully elevated city on the Philippine Island of Luzon, located just 59 km from Manila. Because of its stunning scenery and cooler climate, Tagaytay has long been a popular tourist destination for Filipinos and travelers from all across the globe. From the high altitude of Tagaytay, you…Continue reading...

Honeymoon Ideas

Romantic Me I have always been a hopeless romantic. I read Romeo and Juliet almost a million times during high school and completely learnt the balcony scene off by heart. Although I often come across as a slightly distracted and awkward person, I have pretty much always been a girlie…Continue reading...

5 Airline Secrets You Never Knew

Think it’s all formalities and business for the staff of an aircraft? While there is unquestionably still a level of professionalism that needs to be adhered to, it would be naïve to think everything is as it seems during a flight. Here are five airline secrets you never knew existed.…Continue reading...

5 Tips For Going Under The Knife Abroad

More and more Americans are looking into medical tourism for their plastic surgery needs.  Since the cost of cosmetic surgery continues to rise in the U.S., it’s no wonder why people might look to other countries, where it's more affordable.continue reading →

3 Safety Tips For Taking Your Kids Overseas

Visiting a different country can be a great way for your children to broaden their horizons and learn about cultures other than the one they’re used to. But while there are countless benefits to traveling around the world with your young family, there are also things that you and your little ones should be on the lookout for and make yourself aware of from a safety standpoint. So before you jet set off to a beautiful resort in Bali or a chalet in the Alps, here are three safety tips you may want to follow before taking your kids overseas.…continue reading →

Top 5 Travel Myths Debunked

If you are planning a trip, you have probably heard the good advice of your family and friends who want you to enjoy your trip. And while most of the standard travel tips- Pack Light, inform your credit card company that you're out of town, they're relevant, others are just wrong. And to believe that some travel tips can be very dangerous.…continue reading →

The 4 Biggest Things To Avoid When Traveling

A lot of times when you think about traveling, you think about all the fun things that you're going to do. You think about all the enjoyable experiences you're planning on having. But, it's also worth it to think about the things that you want to avoid at all costs. In fact, between those two sets of ideas, it's probably a higher priority to avoid bad stuff than it is to try to focus on good things.continue reading →