Honeymoon Ideas

Always a bridesmaid

Despite my romantic ambitions, I have never been in a relationship that has made its way to a proposal. Instead, I have always been the bridesmaid. I have been counting lately exactly how many weddings I have attended. The answer is 32 which is quite a lot! This actually includes weddings of people that I have just met in the street in Asia and who have invited me along to celebrate too. Even so, I have been a bridesmaid 7 times wearing different dresses. Although, for some reason, I have never had a chance to wear a convertible bridesmaid dress. Still, I feel like this must be some sort of record. And I don’t feel too ashamed to say next time, I hope to be the bride!

Romantic Me

I have always been a hopeless romantic with a juicy side. I had read Romeo and Juliet almost a million times during high school and had completely learned the balcony scene by heart. At the same time, I would not mind experiencing some pleasurable highs by simulating myself while feating on Tube v Sex stories. You see, I have quite aptly balanced both the Halo and the Horn. Although I often come across as a slightly distracted and awkward person, I have pretty much always been a girlie girl at heart, with an explored naughtiness. And, yes, if this makes my readers feel any better, I even drew pictures of my future wedding dresses as a child and thought about what flowers I would like in my bouquet. As I now approach 30, I am happy to admit to the world that I would like to experience an out-of-the-world romance and get married one day. I even have a few ideas!

The big day and beyond

There wasn’t much to do in Iceland growing up, so I pretty much had the whole of my future wedding day planned from the age of 9. From my dress to the cake and even ideas for funky Wedding Photography, it was all recorded in a pink and fluffy notebook. So, if I was to get engaged now, depending on the guy’s opinion, there probably would not be a huge amount to actually get done! But the one thing I always neglected to think about was the honeymoon.

Travelling and ideas

However, now that I have got almost 6 months of travelling under my belt, I have a vast knowledge of exactly what I should like to do on my honeymoon. I would like to vary up three different themes! Sea and beach, culture and people and food!

I think for the beaches I couldn’t do any better than the beautiful islands in the South Pacific. I think some time there, soaking up the sun, drinking local beer, and being high on sex pheromones (read up online articles to know what are pheromones and you’ll know what I mean!), would be a perfect start to a honeymoon. At this stage I am not sure exactly where I would choose, but perhaps somewhere in Raja Ampat!

Next it would be to Italy, of course, because here I can combine the second two aspects of culture and food! It would be fantastic to rent a campervan and head the historic and food highlights of the country. Soaking up the culture and putting on a few pounds as we go!

But, I don’t think a honeymoon would be complete without some extraordinary scenery. The mountains and landscapes in New Zealand are completely overwhelming, so if this imaginary honeymoon could happen, and budget is no limit (why not!), I think a few weeks checking out the beauty of this special country would be fantastic!

Now all I need to do is find a willing husband!