Calm and warm in Crete!


Ok so its a bit random how I ended up here, it wasn’t necessarily on my list, but I won’t go into that long story now.

Its so nice to be somewhere warm! I am currently writing this on the beach with my feet buried in the sand and a lovely cocktail to keep me company.

It is quite quiet where I am. Not sure why that is, I wouldn’t have thought it is the time of the year, but after all those cities I have been to lately I don’t mind that at all.


I am staying in the resort of Hersonissos which is the Northern part of the Island of Crete. Crete is part of Greece and as usual I think I will start about talking about the food! I have never had Baklava before, but now I have, I don’t know how I lived with out it. It is the nicest thing in the world, so sweet. My hotel has a buffet for each meal and I watch with anticipation until the Chef (Constantin is his name, I made sure we became friends!) comes out with the freshly prepared pastry I am happy to knock the kids out of the way to make sure I fill my plate up! OK, maybe I am not actually that aggressive, but I would happily push a kid in the pool if he got in the way of me and the Baklava trolley. I have brought some to take with me on my forward journey, but I don’t think it is going to be anywhere as nice as the homemade stuff.

The Minotaur

So, we all know the story of the Minotaur, but the other day I got to go to the actual home place of the whole story. There was a society that was the oldest society to have been discovered in Europe called the Minoans. They worshiped the idea and symbol of the horns, and long story short it is where the Minotaur myth came from. It was definitely worth getting a guided tour. My guide was called Eva and she honestly made it the best experience! She was so enthusiastic and could answer any question. I took some great photos to send home to show my other history geek mates. I even got to go and see the oldest theatrical stage in Europe too! It was very easy to get there from where I was staying. I got 2 buses. The first one even had wifi and really good music.

Everyone I have met here has been a tourist really. I have not met many native Cretians! I wonder if they live in a different part of the Island. I am definitely up for exploring some more so hopefully I will meet more local people.


I went for a swim and I tried to dive down to see what was at the bottom, and I am pretty sure I saw an Octopus. I have never seen one before (apart from on my dinner plate) I wish I had an underwater camera so I could get my science friends to tell me what it was!