So Miss K… how did this all begin?

So it’s very unlike me not to have a ‘plan’. I am pretty carefree in life, but I almost always have a strict plan underlying what I get up to. But for the next few years I have made an unconscious agreement with myself to not have a ‘plan’ and just see where I drift to. I am lucky enough that I had saved a fair bit of money before leaving home, but that’s only enough to get me started so I have to be pretty frugal and conservative with my spends.

However, I am making sure I keep enough saved up for a few weeks in Rome… before I do actually have to go back. So in terms of my ‘plan’ I am just seeing where the next cheapest flights are to, and making my way along piece by piece. I have stayed in my fair share of less than perfect hostels but those are sometimes the ones where you have the most fun.

Whenever I think about my ‘plan’ or lack of it, I have to remind myself to take it easy. I think about the picture my niece drew of me.

Ok so it’s not necessarily an accurate picture of me, but she said that it was ‘fun aunty K, who isn’t stressed’ and I liked this idea that there is a fun side to me that I can bring out and leave the organised side at home.

So due to the way I am booking flights and travelling along, I haven’t actually got very far yet! I am in Copenhagen as we speak…and will be posting soon about how its going!