Exciting Safari Activities For The Perfect East Africa Adventure

Safaris are meant to be engaging activities that take you away from the hectic daily schedules and allow you to have fun in the wild. While the highlight of taking the initiative to explore the wilderness is to have a closer interaction with wild animals, you do not have to be limited to the tour vans for the entire period. Tour specialists in East Africa have not been left behind and have upped their game when it comes to ensuring that guests get to have more than breath-taking sightings but get to engage in a number of thrilling activities.

If you’re in any doubt as to what you can do on safari, read on to find out what the top activities on offer area:

  1. Game drives

This is the most practical way of having great sightings and is a chance to let seasoned guides follow the tracks of wild animals before allowing you to have a super encounter with these creatures in their natural habitat. Specialised game-viewing vehicles are used for these drives which follow paths that have been purposefully developed to take you right into the deepest sections of the wilderness.

  1. Night drives

There are lots of elusive wild animals that are hard to spot during the day, but as soon as darkness starts setting in, they come to life. This is an adventure, unlike any other as it involves getting to rely on the cover of darkness and quiet movements to spot most of these nocturnal creatures. One of the most exciting cats to watch at this time has to be leopards which have mastered what it takes to take down prey at night.

  1. Boat safaris

Why should you be limited to land safaris when the East Africa Rivers, lakes, and swamps give you a whole new view of what being in the wild involves? One such breath-taking safari takes place on one of Tanzania’s largest rivers at Roho ya Selous which takes you right to the habitat of hippos, crocodiles, and bird colonies in the river banks.

  1. Hot air ballooning

The options for viewing wildlife in East Africa is not limited to the land and waters as you can take to the skies and glide smoothly in hot air balloons as you watch the wildlife from a bird’s point of view. A famous hot air ballooning area is in the Serengeti National Park where the plains provide a perfect sight for all participants.

  1. Cultural walks

A chance to visit East Africa equally presents the opportunity to have an insight into the cultures of the local communities and understand what defines their traditions. It is a time to have real immersive experience as you get to freely interact with the friendly communities and learn more about their way of life. The Maasai in Kenya are in particular famous as they have maintained their rich cultures and have over the years mastered what it is to live in harmony with wildlife.