Brainstorming Your Next Vacation

Some people have a concrete idea about where they want to head on their next vacation. Regardless of whether they want to relax and chill in one of the most beautiful luxury resort southern california located options, or if they want something a bit more adrenalin-filled in a European country, everything has already been mapped out and they have a ready-made bucket list of sorts when it comes to their desired journeys.

But other people need a little bit of a brainstorming session before they can make any realistic decisions about where they want to take off to the next time they have a significant break in their schedule.

For those who need that extra bit of organized thinking, consider breaking down your thoughts into ideas about sunny and sandy, snowy and active, exotic, food-centric, or focusing on rest and relaxation. Simply thinking about your desired end result will help you out a ton in your decision-making process.

Sunny and Sandy

Some people will naturally gravitate toward wanting to go somewhere with sun and sand. The coasts are going to be the obvious choice there, but then you can decide on east versus west, or northern or southern areas. There’s a big difference in how much things cost in certain areas as well, so be sure to keep budget in there as part of the equation if you’re trying to save a little cash but also do some beachcombing.

Snowy and Active

For the winter-weather fan, traveling to ski resorts is probably going to be up there as a priority. This will definitely have some seasonal concerns, so be sure to book your trip during a time period when snow or other climate conditions are right. Places like Colorado, California, or even Washington have great vacation spots, but you do have to be careful that you’re heading there when the snow has fallen enough.


And then there are times you’re looking to do something exotic. A trip to the jungle. Or maybe a journey to a place that you’ve read about it books, seen in movies, but never visited in person. Trips to China or Russia might fit in this category, or even to some of the more remote locations in Mexico that have resorts and hotels attached to them might interest you.

All About the Food

If you’re not so much looking for physical excitement, but more interested in cultural intrigue, then you might want to go to a place known for its food. You can take whatever primary interest your palette has (French, Italian, Indonesian), and then go to a place in that country that is famous for its culinary prowess.

Focusing on Rest and Relaxation

A final category of thought might be that you just want to head somewhere to rest and relax, regardless of the environment itself. In that case, you want to focus more on the hotel room that you’re staying at, and the kind of amenities they provide in terms of luxury, and how well you can fence yourself off from reality for a few days.