5 Reasons To Travel Away From Home For Addiction Treatment

Making the decision to enter somewhere like this Olathe drug rehab facility to get treatment for an addict is a groundbreaking moment that should be harnessed. For an addict, the lows that come along with the decision to get clean are typically devastating.

It would seem like a person might want to stay close to their family and friends in that state of mind, but psychologists say it is quite the opposite. It is better to remove oneself from familiarity, especially when it comes to social situations. Family and friends are often the worst influence on addicts seeking recovery. Take a look at this quick overview of a few of the most pivotal reasons as to why addicts should travel away from their home for addiction treatment.

Sobering up is a very personal process

No matter the addiction, sobering up from something that has taken precedence in life for many years is always an ugly process. Addiction brings out the worst in all of us, and coming out of that spell is not fun.

Surrounding oneself with like-minded people and professionals who can help sometimes feels much safer than breaking down in front of people we know. No one really wants their friends and family to see them in such a state of disarray.

Traveling for rehab will provide the privacy needed to let all the ugly flow out and begin to rebuild the beauty in life. Addicts need time to ground themselves in reality before venturing off into society.

Friends and family are often facilitators of the addiction

Addicts often surround themselves with other addicts, also known as “friends.” It is not typical that an addict has many positive influences. There are those few who are exceptions to the rule, but it is not the majority.

The family is often a source of discourse and pain for those struggling with addiction. Due to the correlation between childhood abuse and addiction, it is often not a good idea to try and heal among family.

The details and complications of those relationships are too much for a person to begin conquering while in rehabilitation. Over time, it may be beneficial to work with key family members and positive friends slowly, but that should be decided in therapy.

Wider access to quality treatment facilities

It may be that a person lives in the middle of a farming community. There usually is not a quality treatment facility located right next to the silo. Traveling for treatment is a necessity for some people to receive the type of treatment they truly need. There are many reasons why a person would have to relocate to find the exact facilities they need to get well.